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Welcome to wilson_stills, a stillness community dedicated to the wonderful Dr. James Wilson.

Moderator: ilovedrwilson & vanyx
Banner Maker: ilovedrwilson, yue_akuma & beetle_breath

The Rules

1. This is a stillness community which means no animation.
2. Please do not post your entry(ies) anywhere untill the winners of a challenge are declared.
3. Do NOT vote for yourself or ask anyone else to vote for you.
4. Make sure your icons are 100X100 and are GIF, JPG, and PNG format.
5. Please credit any icon you take from ANY challenge.
6. Please use a photo hosting site like Photobucket.
7. Your entry should look like this:

The Routine

Sunday - Challenge announced. You the pictures provided can be used!
Monday-Saturday - Icons will be accepted, unless stated otherwise.
Saturday-Tuesday - Voting

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